Sunday, March 25, 2018

Now includes new key generator!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

  • Simply click on the colors or markings to match your component and its values are automatically decoded and displayed.

  • Design, prototype and troubleshoot faster by quickly decoding new and vintage discrete electronic component markings.
  • Simultaneous values are displayed in Ohms, Kilo Ohms and Mega Ohms for resistors; Pico Farad, Nano Farad and Micro Farad (uF pF nF) for Capacitors; Micro Henrys, Milli Henrys and Henrys (uH)for inductors.
  • Create the components you need from what you have at hand with series parallel calculators for capacitors, resistors and coils.
  • The automated Ohms law wheel quickly converts amps to watts to current to resistance and vice versa. It also includes volt amps (VA).
  • Over 85 decoder-calculators in one program, at the bench or in the field A MUST for any seasoned tech or student. 
  • Used by Schools, Universities, Military and Government.